That Old Thing


That Old Thing explores what happens within old and tried friendships when a much loved person in the group begins a serious relationship with a disabled person. What happens below the surface?

We see assumptions emerge and old friends become unsure of one another as they grapple with the problem.

This improvised show uses a house as its set, and will depend on a small audience moving from one room to another.

They will witness an up close and personal conversation between the couple, which explores the disabled person’s misgivings about acceptance from a room full of able-bodied people, and a scene between the hosts and non-disabled friends in anticipation of the arrival of this new person into their midst.

These first two intimate scenes will play out twice – each to one half of the audience, who will swap rooms. The final scene will see the audience combine to witness a dinner party where all the characters are present. What will happen?


Raspberry Ripple Reads: Love Child

Summary: An adopted daughter comes to find her biological mother. In this reading of the work, the mother is disabled. Without altering the text, we will discover what happens underneath the lines. The addition of disability offers new provocation and the possibility for new interpretation.

Raspberry Ripple Performance Workshops 2018

Have you ever thought that you’d like to see performers with a disability in mainstream performing arts?

Are you an experienced disabled performer who’d like to get on that pathway? Or are you an able-bodied performer who wants to change to inclusive practice?

Raspberry Ripple is a disability-led theatre company, operating around the Social Model of disability, which says that the barriers put in place by a world designed for ‘normal people’ disables us far more than our bodies ever will.

The company is always developing new work and looking to train talented disabled and able-bodied performers. We want to put stories on stage that have never been told before.

The Raspberry Ripple Effect starts with you. We want you to begin conversations with your colleagues which provoke a genuine change in the thinking around disability in the performing arts. Then we want you to make work.

We will be conducting performance workshops in 2018 to find new talented disabled performers, and able-bodied performers who are interested in inclusive practice.

Monday, 15th January 2018 – Professional Practice 
Tailored for performers with a disability only. Limit of 5, who will participate in both this workshop and the following 2 days.

In this workshop we will cover:
– Stagecraft
– Critiquing
– Voice

Tuesday, 16th January 2018 – Inclusive Practice 
Introducing able-bodied performers into the mix. Limit of 10 participants, including 5 performers with a disability from the first workshop and an additional 5 able-bodied performers. This workshop will focus on Inclusive Practice.

We will improvise, play with Shakespeare, original and contemporary text, and discover new ways of working together.

Wednesday, 17th January 2018 – Camera Technique. Text. 
Tailored for disabled performers only. Focussing on Camera technique & text.

What would you do if you got a role on Neighbours? More and more, mainstream television is actively looking for disabled performers. Come along, add to your box of tricks, and be prepared!

Please complete the application form below by Friday, 22nd December 2017. Places are limited.



Have you ever felt that you don’t belong? Ever told anyone?

In Raspberry Ripple‘s first show, eloquent words – and some not so eloquent! – will be spoken by disabled and able-bodied performers to tell the 21st century story of being in the soup together.

Classic text will tug at your heart strings, new words discomfort you, both will make you fall off your seat with laughter and re-evaluate living in an ableist world. A discombobulation of thought, mind and matter!

Written and directed by Kate Hood.

Raspberry Ripple Reads

Raspberry Ripple Reads is a way of developing new work in an atmosphere of inclusion. We will try out new ideas with script in hand, and work out how disability can add new dimension in the context of established theatre practices. We want to watch how it makes new themes emerge, and actively go after those moments where disability makes a positive difference to the work.

As theatre makers, this is gold to us. At Raspberry Ripple, we are intrigued by all of the human condition. For us, diversity makes the work better.

We will be announcing our next choice of play-reading closer to October 2018