At Raspberry Ripple we believe that the best way of advocating for disabled artists is to create work which depends on them for its impact.

We make theatre from the point of view of disability – we want to tell stories which have not been heard before, but exist in our day-to-day: e.g. the mother of a disabled daughter, fighting to get her into the local school, the younger sister who is the only family member able to calm her autistic brother, the woman with Acquired Brain Injury who finds love with an able-bodied partner.

We take our work into the wider community and will ultimately have a Theatre in Education arm.

We represent disability and diversity in different spaces across the Performing Arts – with actors, theatre practitioners, producers of theatre, TV and film, writers, performing arts workers both regional and metropolitan.

We acknowledge that education is important – for us all! We want to create a ‘Raspberry Ripple Effect’ which impacts communities and brings us to them and them to us. This way, communities can help drive the conversation about disability and diversity forward into the world.

If you have an event coming up and you would like some advocacy on Disability and Diversity get in touch and we will do our best to help you out with a Presentation or a Workshop. You will find our rates reasonable.

After all, that is part of our business!