About us

Raspberry Ripple is a Disability Led theatre company. We operate around the Social Model of disability, which says that the barriers put in place by a world designed for ‘normal people’ disables us far more than our bodies ever will.

We want to celebrate the deliciousness of diversity and apply it to existing and new work while exploring and debunking the myth of perfection.

Above all, we want our audiences to leave having been inspired to question their constructs about disability.

NB: ‘Raspberry ripple’ = Cockney rhyming slang for ‘Cripple’

NB: The definition of disability-led applies to organisations in which the CEO or Lead Creative and 50% of staff and board have a disability.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create theatre of a professional standard using disabled performers, writers, directors, designers and technical artists.

In Australia, the theatre rarely characterises people with disability. And on the rare occasions that it does, invariably an able-bodied actor will play the role.

At Raspberry Ripple we aim to change this. We aim to be instrumental in creating a pathway into mainstream theatre for disabled performers.

At our productions able-bodied and disabled performers will work together, adding fresh dimension to classic and contemporary text, and creating bold new material.

We will build a truly inclusive rehearsal process.

In this atmosphere, writers with disability will be valued, and inspired to share their point of view, showing relationships between disabled and able-bodied people which have never before been articulated on stage.

In this way, we will change our industry.

Join us

We welcome new artists, both disabled and non-disabled, who are keen to work with us on our vision of an inclusive theatre industry.

You might be a mainstream performer, director or technical artist who wants to begin practicing inclusively, or a disabled performer looking to up-skill so you can begin the journey into professional mainstream practice.

At Raspberry Ripple, we welcome your input, and value your point of view on inclusion and diversity. We celebrate a range of voices from writers, directors, actors, producers and theatre makers – disabled and able-bodied. If you are a theatre-maker who is interested in enhancing your practice, we are for you. And you are for us!

Get Involved


Kate Hood

Artistic Director

Kate Hood is an actor and theatre maker who became a wheelchair user a decade ago. She passionately wants to see the invisibility of disabled performers come to an end; her company Raspberry Ripple dissolves the divide by making original, inclusive theatre using mainstream and disabled artists. She is Deputy Chair of Actors Equity’s Diversity Committee.

Dr David Stratton

Technology Consultant

Having taught IT at University I know more than is decent about the tech world and, 10 years into retirement, stick very close to the very “bleeding edge” of this very rapidly changing sector. My lifetime’s mission has been to help those that consider themselves technologically impaired be otherwise. Also my profound physical disability leads me to be proactive in that arena too. In all those guises I have been IT consultant to Kate for a decade, and now, Raspberry Ripple.

Emma J Hawkins


With a keen head for figures and love of spreadsheets, Emma is a short statured performer and a qualified accountant.  She runs her own money management service, Small Fortunes for creative and arty types; including tax preparation, invoicing, payments, receipts, budgeting, general hand holding and advice.

Emma has worked professionally in the industry for over 15 years. From Shakespeare to Burlesque and even running away with the circus as a stilt walking, tap dancing acrobat. Nominated for Green Room awards for Fleck in Love Never Dies and as a dancer in White Day Dream (Weave Movement Theatre).


“Help us achieve our mission…

Our mission is theatre you won’t find just anywhere. The company, actors and mission to feature underrepresented Australians mean the unseen and unheard are now visible and audible to all.”
– Kate Hood

Let’s talk about this…

If you want to get involved or become an advocate, book a short black (10 minutes), long coffee break (20 minutes or a power lunch (60 minutes) in my diary.

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