Featured Performance

That Old Thing

7 October – 21 October


7 October – 21 October
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland St, Footscray Victoria 3011


That Old Thing explores what happens within old and tried friendships when a much loved person in the group begins a serious relationship with a disabled person. What happens below the surface?

We see assumptions emerge and old friends become unsure of one another as they grapple with the problem.

This improvised show uses a house as its set, and will depend on a small audience moving from one room to another.

They will witness an up close and personal conversation between the couple, which explores the disabled person’s misgivings about acceptance from a room full of able-bodied people, and a scene between the hosts and non-disabled friends in anticipation of the arrival of this new person into their midst.

These first two intimate scenes will play out twice – each to one half of the audience, who will swap rooms. The final scene will see the audience combine to witness a dinner party where all the characters are present. What will happen?